Hi Everyone,can't wait

First of all I would like to say thanks for getting involved in this, and to everyone who nominated, supported and got in touch throughout the whole project. me and CHAIR are very grateful for your input.

Also all of the people who have been nominated but not chosen… DO NOT BE DISAPPOINTED – You are all doing amazing things and there is a bloody good reason why you were nominated in the first place!  The brief was to do with culture specifically so some people’s reasons fell just outside of this.

Judges Tom Whitley and Mike Devoy helped me decide on the people to photograph for the next stage. It was an extremely long and hard fought process to create the list and I think we’ve been as fair as we can be as three people. BUT… We were all really disappointed we could think of so many more people who SHOULD have been nominated – but weren’t!

Anyway here are the choices of Chester’s finest in terms of moving us forward culturally and making the city a more interesting and contemporary place.




Shitchester Support of a huge range of people, humour, Journalism and highlighting great things about the city daily.
Neil Nez Kendal Performance and arts, bringing in artists and “cabaret visionary” (in a big way)
David Redpath-Smith, Helen Pickin-Jones, Warren Allmark PRIDE it had to be in here without a doubt… an amazing event!
Martin Ellis Having courage to open different and important venues over the years for Chester’s subculture to flourish
Katie Lyttle Chester food assembly, An extremely forward thinking endeavour!
Alice Eliott Good for nothing Chester, encouraging people to give time JUST to help the cultural scene and others
Gary Usher (sticky Walnut) Being independent. Pushing the quality of food in the city higher and being incredibly amusing about it
Tom Hughes (Chef’s Table) Having extremely high standards and forward thinking business and foodwise and truly supporting local producers
Jez Horril (Telfords Warehouse) 20 years plus of service to Chester’s music scence through his venue
Graffitti Dave An important character behind the scenes. Dave has done great things and been a great mentor for a good many of Chesters’ Youth
Matt Baker An amazing character that the city could not do without, bringing theatre to new places
Russel Kirk Summer and winter watch parades frontman and organiser
Kristine Szulick For Chester Giants, a unique and continuing tradition
Andy Foster architect and behind the scenes forward thinker in constant support of Chester’s culture
Thor Brown for being an extremely active and treasured member of Chester’s music scene
Mark Jones and Stuart Stevenson Brook Street festival organisers, their event is inspirational and triggers a huge amount of creative thought citywide
Adam Walton DJ and huge supporter of local talent within the music scene.
Steven Bowness An important character and forward thinker running MLTC tattoos with real drive to create and add to the city’s alternative culture
Jono Robertson Frontman of The Suns and extremely well known and loved character around the city.
Mark Williams Supporting many causes citywide and Fringe festival



NOMINATED in no order … sorry if we missed anyone

Kate Northcott Charity campaign work
Simon Wood working with the homeless
Mr Ansonia Christleton football Club
Gordon Vickers Entrepreneur, mill hotel
Peter Lewis Ch1 Bid
Izzy Cheshire Support of Business
Jo Talbot Tattoo artist
Hannah Wehbeh Artist
David Woods Cheshire West Voluntary Arts
Helen Ellis All saints hoole community work
WhatsupChester Lucien And Lady Agnes Social media services to community
Matt Bryan Frackfree upton
Sue Mason Hoole Christmas Lights
Paula Norris Hoole Community work
Chris Sutton Lache FM
Vicky Shearn Anti Fracking and critical mass bike ride organiser
Jayne (Ashton Hayes) Community work with elderly
Bex Raven Funky aardvarks, Support of emerging artists
Dan Schott Music journalism and supporting local music
Dave Cunningham Chester Ukelele Orchestra
Me and Deboe Very-hard-working and talented local musicians
Dave ‘Maestro’ Gardener Karumba Samba and Deesign Choir
Andy Hignett Vegan videos and open mic regular
Ashley Faith another very-hard-working talented local Musician
Steph Brocken Minerva arts youth theatre and forward thinker
Rebecca Sowray Creative writing and Chester Microplays
Ed White (Jaunty Goat) independent business pushing quality above image
Kev Brackenbury Edens Greengrocer in Handbridge, great character and lovely bloke
Niki Davies Chester Health
Nikki Pinder Talented Chester artist and Illustrator