Film content for marketing campaigns example: Nine Meals from Anarchy

This series of short content films was concocted with renegade organic veg stock producers Nine Meals From Anarchy. using their unique brand Sam directed these pieces to engage people with recognisable visual motifs alongside original creative ideas great looking food and of course a little humour. The soundtrack was also produced especially for the project.

This high end piece of film directed and edited by Sam is an alternative and short cut from a documemtary film featuring tailor and shirtmaker Crichton Bespoke. The edit will be used for website and marketing purposes. Again the soundtrack is an original piece produced to fit the cinematic style of the piece

Theatrical trailer shot in music video style and starring Alan ‘Cool’ Clay, actor and MC who has forged a career in theatre and music despite learning difficulties. was produced for Mind the Gap Studios, the concept, development and film were handled by Sam to give the play the powerful impact it needed in order to sell the touring show to audiences.

Documentary: Shot on location with sound

This documentary was shot on location at Chester Food Assembly, it’s style is informative and casual. The purpose was to raise awareness. Shortly after it was made the film came to the attention of BBC researchers which resulted in the producers being  visited by sir Terry Wogan in one of his last ever programmes.

Conceptual music video art directed and created for artist Bredsnak.

Documentary of event: Fun style, multi layer edit

The cocktail competition. A lower budget film with creative edit, focused on fun.  Shot run-and-gun style at the event and edited in a distinctive style and sountracked by local musicians ME and Deboe, caught attention for the brands and participants city- wide in 2015

Cinematic music video: Shot on location with concept development and creative edit

Narrative led music video. An intensely depressed individual is saved by his guiding spirit, (who happens to be a giant white rabbit.) Our protagonist is dragged kicking and screaming into a surreal world of adventure as he begins to trust this malevolent entity.

Concept design, direction and creative edit by Sam