Whilst this website now serves only as an archive of work, Sam has now expanded and launched CANTEEN CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS  – If you wish to discuss new projects why not go and check out the projects they are creating:  CLICK HERE

Film making

Bored of the generic content we’re fed on a daily basis, Sam strives for originality in a world of copycattery. If you want to be different, you’re in the right place.

Specialising in shorter films, adverts, and content video for marketing campaigns Sam’s unique approach sets him apart from the crowd by removing the boring, super slick but say-nothing style, and replacing it with imagination, humour and a creative viewpoint.

This new moving image work is informed by years of commercial photography,  a critical eye for composition, colour and narrative and content being applied to both disciplines with unwavering high standards. Whole video and film production is dealt with including editing, colour grading and an option to have your own music written.


Commercial Photographer

Large organisation or a small business,  Sam’s years of experience allow him to get the best out in people during photoshoots,  he’s a photographer who has the knowledge and confidence to make your brand or organisation look its absolute best with your target audience considered

Fashion and Brand imagery

Food photography

Industry photography

Editorial photography

Creative and concept imagery

Other things

Aside from his trades as film maker and photographer, Sam takes an extremely energetic role as an ambassador for creativity in his city. Aside from exhibiting work, including a recent exhibition at the Grosvenor Museum in Chester,  He co-founded and runs Tortoise magazine which is an important champion of creative talent in and around Chester, UK

Also Sam co-founded and named the annual event Murmurations – the #makechester talks. An event designed to bring in new ideas and ways of thinking to inspire motivated individuals to get up and change the city they live in.

He has recently been a speaker at TEDx talks at the University of Chester about his  involvement in forward thinking projects




Shooting to advertising spec or simply your restaurant menu.

Tip: View this one just before lunch for guaranteed hunger!



Photos tailored to capture the exact essence of your brand –

Strong images are a must if you want to grow.  So if you are a small business ready to take the next step or an established brand looking for a high end set of images for your next campaign or newest product, give us a call for a quote.

Above are examples of brands Sam has worked with very recently in Chester UK, from the adventure brand JUNKBOX to the renegade stock makers Nine Meals From Anarchy. Images were created to immediately capture attention of the core audience for the brands[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


These images have appeared in brochures, portfolios and publications worldwide. Showcase what your business does best.


Sam is extremely proficient at directing groups or individuals in order to achieve natural looking but striking images for your marketing.

He is used to working with design departments directly often shooting images for specific composition and purpose. Having worked with many designers he understands the importance of composition and copyspace and communication with you.

For the last four years sam has been working with the University of Chester, and also University Centre Shrewsbury. He was tasked in the beginning with creating a portfolio of images for use in print campaigns, website and of course the ultra important prospectus.

The relationship has been a success as images created appear genuine and authentic due to the models being actual students and familiar locations on campus being used as backdrop.